Adobe Photoshop Course for Beginners [Fees, Duration, Certification,Syllabus] 2022

Adobe Photoshop Course for Beginners [Fees, Duration, Certification,Syllabus] 2022
Wondering why Photoshop courses are so popular these days? Learning Adobe Photoshop has become essential for every creative professional with digital and graphic designing booming. It may have been difficult to learn Photoshop in the past, but today it is easy as many educational institutes offer their own photoshop course (on-site and online). But why is Adobe Photoshop training essential, and what makes it special? Moreover, is taking Photoshop classes worth your time and money in 2022?

This 32-year-old software was initially named Display and only displayed grayscale images on a black and white display. The name changed with the various upgrades, and Adobe bought it for about $300 only! Since 1987, Photoshop has faced several competitors over the years yet remains the industry leader.You might get shocked to know that today, about 90% of creative professionals worldwide use Adobe Photoshop. All these facts and figures indicate that with rising digital creativity standards, more and more creative professionals are willing to learn and use Adobe Photoshop.


What is a Photoshop course?

A Photoshop course helps you learn photo editing and graphic designing. Usually, Adobe Photoshop courses teach you to operate the user interface, create illusions, refine the selection, manage files, organize workspaces, etc. Today, many institutes offer the best Photoshop courses at the certification, graduate, postgraduate, and diploma levels. These can either be on-site or online (self-paced or one-on-one daily classes).

Why study Photoshop?

There are several rewarding reasons for learning Photoshop. 

1. Get a Creative Job

The global graphic designers’ industry is ranked 9 among all business activities. And Photoshop is one of the Adobe software being used the most worldwide. So it only makes sense to learn photoshop and land a sparkling job as a creative professional in one of the top business industries. 

2. Open Gate to Freelance Opportunities

If you’ve got Photoshop on your list of skills, you can easily make money in various ways. It opens the gate for ample freelance opportunities, including photoshop projects that require photo retouching with Photoshop, graphic design, image editing skills, web design, UX design, etc.

3. It Is Always Fun

If you’ve got a creative head, learning Photoshop will be super fun for you. While it can enhance your career and job opportunities, it also rewards you personally. Whether using Photoshop to retouch images, build funny animated GIFs, or create compositions adding text and graphics, you can leverage Photoshop skills in many ways. By learning Photoshop you can also work on various fun and creative projects like website design, assist with photo editing for friends or add some fun to your own images and share them on social media.

Photoshop Course Fees and Duration

Course Fees Duration
Adobe Photoshop Training (NineHertz Academy) INR, 30,000 2 Months
Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training course (SkillShare) INR, 7,500 (annual plan) Self Paced
Adobe Photoshop CC – The complete guide (CreativeLive) INR 3,738 25 to 30 hours
Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Training (Udemy) INR 3,499 15 hours on-demand videos
Master Web Design in Photoshop (Udemy) INR 3,499 18 hours on-demand videos
PhotoShop Bootcamp (American Graphics Institute) INR 98,430 4 consecutive days
Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning) INR ₹1,150 63 Videos
Photoshop Get Started (Adobe) Free Self-paced
Photoshop 2020 for Digital Photographers (Photoshop Cafe) INR 7,629 89 lessons – about 11 hours


Types of Photoshop Courses(Online & Offline)

Here is a list of the most popular photoshop courses online:

1. Adobe Photoshop CC- Essentials Training Course (Skillshare)

Perfect your basic concepts through this Photoshop course. Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course is one of the best photoshop courses to learn everything you need as a beginner with the aim to become proficient. Here is what you will learn in this course:

  • Image masking techniques
  • Image editing
  • Graphic design
  • Typographic skills
  • Basic navigation and combing images (image manipulation)
  • Change and enhance the colors of a picture.
  • Drawing shapes and figures
  • Text creation
  • Photo editing (cropping, enhancing, Photoshop filters, removing or changing background, blend-fade one image into another, etc.)
  • Oil painting, Halftone, Motion blur, Smart Objects
  • Logo making

Course Fee – INR 1,788 (Annual)

2. Adobe Photoshop CC – The complete guide (CreativeLive)

CreativeLive is the one-stop shop for learning anything and everything related to creativity. From photography and sketching to digital drawing to calligraphy, CreativeLive has excellent online classes and Adobe Photoshop is no exception. Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide is a comprehensive Photoshop course online that includes more than 25 hours of content. It’s beginner-oriented, so all you need is a willingness to learn. Here’s what you’ll learn in these Adobe Photoshop classes:

  • Adobe Camera RAW to adjust the majority of your images.
  • Automate repetitive actions to speed up your workflow using keyboard shortcuts
  • Selection essentials so you can work on small areas in an image
  • Various ways to fix problem areas
  • Advanced techniques to edit images and retouching.

Course Fee – INR 3,738

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3. Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Training (Udemy)

If doing even a simple Adobe Photoshop task seems daunting, not knowing how to use the right photoshop tools puzzles you, it is a good idea to learn Adobe Photoshop through this Beginner level Ultimate Photoshop course by Udemy. It is one of the most basic yet tech-oriented Photoshop classes online. You do not need any previous knowledge to start this photoshop training. You will learn simple image editing, designing cards, characters, and illustrations. Here’s more of what you will learn in this online photoshop course:

  • Basics of graphic design
  • Designing icons, illustrations, and functional characters.
  • Creating business cards
  • Removing imperfections from photos and enhancing images
  • Using creative tools to design text styles
  • Removing objects or people from photos
  • Editing backgrounds
  • Image manipulation
  • Working with layer panel
  • Working with the pen tool
  • Designing and modifying shapes
  • Designing flat illustrations

Course Fee: INR 3,499

4. Master Web Design in Photoshop (Udemy)

Whether you’re running a digital marketer or a business person running an eCommerce site, you know that having an aesthetically appealing and modern website design is a must today. And if there is a perfect blend of text, graphics, and multimedia, chances are it will pump up your conversion rates. Now, using Photoshop for websites might sound odd to you, but it’s actually one of the great tactics. This Master Web Design in Photoshop course by Udemy will help you learn how to design a compelling website using custom graphics, type interactives, and hotkeys. Here’s what you will learn in this course:

  • Conversion rates, bounce rates, and improving sales.
  • Working with coders and successfully handover the design
  • Understanding web design principles and their immediate application to any project.
  • UX principles that produce immediate results.
  • Creating beautiful website designs in Photoshop.
  • The differences between landing pages and standard websites.

Course Fee: INR 3,499

5. PhotoShop Bootcamp (American Graphics Institute)

AGI is another renowned platform offering the best online Photoshop course. It includes basic to advance Photoshop courses that are easy to follow for individuals from all work backgrounds. If you have a knack for Adobe Photoshop, this four days Photoshop Bootcamp by AGI is a superb choice for you. This is one of the best online photoshop courses that help you learn all the nitty-gritty of Photoshop in a short time through snap-size video lectures. Note that this is an intermediate-level course comprising image editing, photo retouching, and other versatile tools. Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

  • Introduction to the user interface, including zoom features, screen modes, panels, etc. 
  • Organizing files and locating metadata using the Adobe Bridge
  • Uses of marquee tool to draw selections based on geometric shapes. 
  • Working with Photoshop layers in various shapes such as ellipses, horizontal lines, rectangles, or even single-pixel verticals.
  • Using the Lasso tool for editing digital images and free-form selections (angular or nonlinear).
  • Painting and Photoshop retouching
  • Tweaking images
  • Using Content-Aware basic tools in Photoshop
  • Introduction and taking layer to the next level
  • Using the Pen Tool for selections and artwork
  • Using Smart Objects
  • Tools for creating Web, Video, and Interactive images

Course Fee: INR 98,668

6. Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)

If you’re a fan of LinkedIn’s built-in learning platform and wish to add to your creative skills, Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training: The Basics is just the right starting point if you’re learning to use Photoshop for the first time. It is another one of the best photoshop courses to learn all the basics of this design software.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this beginner course:

  • Understanding how to open documents in Photoshop from Bridge and Adobe Lightroom
  • Working with Photoshop layers and masks
  • Removing unnecessary elements from an existing picture
  • Speeding up your workflow by adjusting and customizing keyboard shortcuts
  • Blend mode essentials
  • Essential filters
  • Adjusting layers
  • Manipulate images

Course Fee: INR 1,150

7. Photoshop Get Started (Adobe)

The ‘Photoshop Get Started’ series of free photoshop classes from Adobe, is perhaps one of the best places to learn Photoshop from scratch for free. Using a mix of screencasts, the tutorials start by introducing you to the Photoshop interface and tools layout. You are then introduced to commonly used functions and features such as working with layers and making selections. The lessons round-up by encouraging you to put new skills to practice. Best part? Besides instructions, each lesson has downloadable assets to help you duplicate the instructions on your system. Once done with the basics, you can move to other dedicated courses on the website for a deeper understanding. Here’s what you’ll learn in this online photoshop class:

  • Changing image size
  • Manipulate images
  • Working with layers
  • Adjusting image quality
  • Making selections
  • Retouching images
  • Uses of colors
  • Adding text and shapes
  • Combing images
  • Get to know cloud documents.

Course Fee: Free

8. Photoshop 2020 for Digital Photographers (Photoshop Cafe)

Whether you’re a budding photographer or a professional, the Photoshop 2020 for Digital Photographers course on PhotoshopCAFE is a fantastic resource. As intimidating as the complexity of this software may seem to you at the moment, once you complete the course, photoshop will feel like a glove. This course covers all the key features of Photoshop and how to make the most of them. Here’s what you’ll learn in this course: 

  • Adjusting color and tone
  • Retouching, cropping, scaling, sharpening, and layering images. 
  • Advanced techniques like luminosity masking and frequency separation.
  • Hidden tips and secret tricks
  • Photoshop and lightroom
  • Collections in the Bridge
  • CC Libraries

Course Fee: INR 7,629

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That concludes the online courses, take a quick look at 4 major offline photoshop course.

1) Certification Photoshop Courses

Photoshop certificate courses are usually offered in online and offline mode. Most learners prefer taking online photoshop classes because of their affordability and the option to complete them at their own pace.

2) Diploma and PG Diploma Photoshop Courses

These are advanced certification courses that you are eligible to pursue after completing class 12. For a PG diploma, graduation is a must for admission to the course. All the diploma courses are entirely based on practical knowledge, and their duration is usually around 1-year or 2 years.

3) Bachelor’s Photoshop Courses

Bachelor’s degree is one of the best resources for photoshop courses as you achieve a full-time degree. The duration of a bachelor’s course is 3 years, and it is the best full-time course in this field to build a long-time career. Various institutes even offer a dedicated semester for Photoshop in communication or visual arts-related courses. 

4) Masters Photoshop Courses

Master photoshop courses are taken by those who want to continue the course further to get specialization. The most preferred specializations in the field are graphic designing, UI Design, animation, and multimedia. The duration of PG courses is 2 years.

Top Institutes for Photoshop Courses

Name of Institute Location Fee (Approx.)
National Institute of Design Ahmedabad INR 13 Lakhs
Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology Bengaluru INR 25 Lakhs
Apeejay Institute of Design Delhi INR 7 Lakhs
MIT Institute of Design Pune INR 14 Lakhs
INSD Pune – International School of Design Pune INR 4 Lakhs

Adobe Photoshop Certification

Adobe photoshop certification will boost your career with a multitude of benefits ranging from a high salary job to becoming more creative in your design approach. Moreover, this certification adds credibility to your profile with the trustworthy stamp of Adobe on the certificate. So wait no more, and start your journey to accomplish adobe photoshop certification.

Scope of Photoshop Training Courses

A growth of 3.7% in Global Graphic Designers Market Size in 2022, indicates vast scope for people with photoshop skills in the creative industry. According to the stats, the digital and creative sector needs 1.2 million new workers in 2022 in order to keep up with its growth. In almost all creative and design-related work, Photoshop is an essential tool. From photographers to graphic designers, video editors, animators, and other creative professionals, all use Photoshop to create visuals that align with their preferences or brand. 

Photoshop Jobs and Salary – Remote and Onsite

1. Teacher  

Educate people about graphic design principles and software as a Photoshop Expert. Start your own online classes, plan lessons, assign classwork, and grade assignments or partner with a good institute. 

Average Salary: 1.1K per hour

2. Production Artist

Manage a team of employees and guide them to complete graphics for multiple clients as a visual design head or production artist. Leverage photoshop to design print, digital, and advertising graphics and oversees numerous campaigns at once. 

Average salary: 1.2K per hour

3. Photographer 

If you want to become a photographer, you know the role of lenses, tripods, and lights. To enhance your pictures and add additional effects, you can use Photoshop. You can work on a freelance basis to hold the marketing and administrative duties besides photography.

Average Salary: 1.3K per hour

4. Photo Editor

You can become a photo editor who manages a team of photographers to take photos as per the style and preferences of a publication. Coordinate with artists, design leads, and art directors on photography planning and styling. This is where you can use Photoshop to create their desired effects on images, decide which images to publish after editing images and assist with photo placement in a publication.

Average Salary:  192K per month

Phtotoshop jobs and salary

5. Video editor

Use raw video footage, audio, graphics, and various sound effects to create polished videos. Use your Photoshop skills to create graphics and images effects to use in videos. Also, get to collaborate with other creative professionals on the team to produce a client’s desired video style. 

Average Salary: 234K per month

6. Graphic Artist 

Work with clients to create visually appealing digital art for print materials, digital assets, and websites. Collaborate with other employees and clients in the creative and design industry to discuss graphics’ styling, color, and font. You can also work as a freelancer and coordinate with clients from diverse industries. This way to get to learn, explore and build a strong portfolio simultaneously.

Average Salary: 240K per month

7. Web Designer

As a web designer, you get to plan and create web pages as per the client’s needs while adhering to all design principles. Test websites for clients to assure quality and write and edit web page content. You can use your Photoshop skills to adjust, edit and add effects to images for a website, among other tasks. 

Average Salary: 254K per month

8. Graphic Designer

Create logos and graphics as per the client’s visual style preferences. Use software like Photoshop to create graphic brand assets and edit photographs. As a graphic designer, you can also work on freelance projects, create your own community and become an educator. 

Average Salary: 254K per month


With numerous advantages and nothing to lose, there is no downside to taking a Photoshop course. Especially if you are a creative professional, Photoshop skills are essential for you. Now that you’re fully equipped with the knowledge about the best photoshop courses, you can choose to enroll in the one suitable per your professional or educational goals.



How much do Photoshop lessons cost?

Prices for online Photoshop courses vary from institute to institute. Some offer a free trial and charge later. There are various free photoshop classes, while others can cost you anywhere between $59 to $99. It is advised to choose a class that caters to your budget, experience level, and career goals.

Is Photoshop worth learning?

If you work in the creative industry, taking an online photoshop course is super beneficial for you. From graphic designers to social media influencers, photographers, and bloggers, to name a few professionals, everyone can leverage photoshop skills today. It is good to learn Photoshop if you’re a student applying for an internship. It is best to brush up on your skills or learn about tools you didn’t know before.

How do I become Photoshop certified?

To become a certified professional in Photoshop, you must complete all the modules of a Photoshop certification course. At the end of the classes, you must complete a creative project or clear an examination to achieve the certificate.

Is there a way to learn Photoshop for free? 

Yes! Some institutes and companies offer free photoshop classes online. You can easily learn the basics and intermediate use of photoshop through Adobe’s free video series ‘Photoshop Get Started.