List of Top Salesforce Training Institutes in India [Ranking & Fees 2022]

List of Top Salesforce Training Institutes in India [Ranking & Fees 2022]
The count of salesforce training institutes in India is increasing hand-in-hand with the awareness of Salesforce software. It is one of the most Popular CRM Software it assists the organization manage sales, marketing, IT, and services. It also helps bring all the business units together and work as a team from anywhere to offer better services to the customers. Over the last couple of years, most reputed brands have adopted it to sell their products and services smartly, engaging customers, building e-commerce and scaling it, and empowering their teams to reach their full potential and offer the most pleasing experience to the customers. Therefore, Salesforce CRM is looked at as a potential career opportunity. Several IT training institutes are now covering salesforce courses in their brochure. Here, we will cover the top salesforce training institute in India. You can consider the best institute at your convenience and take a step towards your bright career.

List of Salesforce Training Institutes in India

Name of the Institute Course Fees(Rs) Location Foundation Year
NineHertz Academy 30,000 Jaipur 2008
Edureka 20,000 Banglore 2011
Intellipaat 38,000 Banglore 2011
Simplilearn 20,000 Noida 2017
Croma Campus 20,000 Noida 2015
Online IT Guru 18,500 Hyderabad 2009
S2 Labs 10,000 Jaipur 2018
TechVidya 18,500 Hyderabad 2009
Green Technology 16,000 Chennai 2007
Victorious Digital 25,000 Pune 2014

1. NineHertz Academy-Best Salesforce Training Institute in India

NineHertz Academy logo
The best possible option to level up your business or career is to start salesforce training in Jaipur with NineHertz Academy despite your current position in the industry. Here, you will learn marketing strategies, boosting sales, e-commerce development, IT, and offering excellent customer services. The salesforce experts with over 10+ years of experience will welcome you with open hands and will be ready to use their knowledge and experience in your learning. Their training program is designed so that the learner can get a solution to their unique queries. They also offer one-on-one interactions for better understanding and learning

2. Croma Campus

Croma Logo
Croma Campus provides Online Salesforce Training in india. It has successfully trained over 18,000+ candidates in the past ten years; they also take pride in being able to help 12,000+ candidates to develop a professional career in several industries. They have certified corporate professionals in their team with over a decade of experience. In addition, it will help you understand and develop the necessary administration skills in the salesforce. You can also learn the concepts of clouding and set up a free account for practice on the salesforce software.

3. Edureka

Edureka logo
Another fastest growing educational platform is Edureka, it is a well-reputed online platform that partners with academia and corporates for spreading education and continuous growth. Their vision is to create an academic platform for the candidates devoting themselves to their careers by learning from online courses. They also understand the tight schedules of the learners; therefore, they offer 24×7 support to their candidates. As a result, candidates can quickly educate themselves with their favorite courses and level up their professional careers.

4. Intellipaat

Intellipaat Logo
Their belief in the “Right to Education” has led them to their current position. As a result, they try to offer quality content to their learners at pocket-friendly prices. In addition, they use a unique idea to create educational content for their candidates for fun learning. Further, it collaborates with SMEs for the training and offers lifelong access to the educational course material and support. Apart from it, they also conduct mock interviews from time to time to help candidates crack interviews and build an excellent resume to get the dream job.

5. Capital Info Solutions

Capital Info Solutions logo
Capital Info Solutions is another name you have listened to most often when talking about online educational platforms. It is a Hyderabad-based training center offering educational content around the globe. They do not limit their services till offering educational content; they also offer consultancy and product development to their candidates. Capital Info Solutions also deliver salesforce training in real-time for quality learning. Apart from Salesforce, they also cover other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) models developed on other technologies.

6. Quickxpert Infotech

Quickxpert IT Sols Logo
Quickxpert Infotech offers end-to-end IT solutions to their candidates in training, development, and consultancy. In order to deliver the best education to their students, they follow multiple steps that include training, project development, and preparing the resume. Here you can expect real-time learning by working on ongoing projects. Moreover, they offer their services at affordable prices as they believe in inequality in education. Therefore, you can kickstart your IT career by completing your course of interest from Quickxpert Infotech.

7. Besant Technologies

besant-tech logo
Besant Technologies is another leader in the IT training sector; it has made its way to the top institutes in a short period surpassing its competitors by delivering quality educational modules to their candidates. In addition, their team of tutors is filled with experts in particular subjects and technologies. The best part about Besant Technologies is that they do not limit their services till educating their candidates; instead, they also motivate them to seek a lucrative job in a big and reputed Multi-national Company.

8. Victorious Digital

victorrious digital logo
Victorious Digital strives to provide A-grade digital marketing education to their candidates along with the latest technologies like Salesforce. As a result, they tend to change their teaching styles and modules according to the trends to help you acquire expertise in the field. They come up with 40-60 modules of the course along with practical and ongoing projects to deliver a better learning experience. They also give 100% job assistance to their candidates as well to help them acquire their dream job.

9. Radical Technologies

Redical technologies logo
Another reputed and leading online educational institute in the industry is Radical Technologies. Empowering since 1995, this institute offers several administrative and software courses to the learners. The main motive of Radical Technologies is to simplify the technology and make it easy to understand using their R&D division technique. It helps the students stay updated with the innovations and latest technology and save a lot of time that they might have wasted.

10. Simplilearn-Top Online salesforce Training in India

simlilearn logo
Simplilearn also offers the best Online Salesforce Training in India. Their team of experts partners up with the individuals and companies to understand and preach the needs accordingly. They also coach and train the candidates to help them boost their profession and reach new heights in their careers. With the help of their 2,000+ certified trainers, 400+ courses, and 40+ accreditations, they aim to empower people via technology.

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11. S2 Labs

S2- labs
You can kickstart your career in salesforce with S2 labs here; you will be able to explore a lot more than just going through the theoretical part. You’ll get your hands on current projects for practical learning. You can also attend scholarly webinars every week. In addition to all this, you will also get 24×7 support, meaning that you can get your query answered anytime you want. That’s not the end; you will also get certifications of the same to help build your resume and career.

12. Codleo-Salesforce CRM online training institute in India

Codleo logo
In order to get a little more on your plate, you can go with the Codleo. It is a supreme salesforce provider aiming to automate repetitive work processes and grasp the upper hand in digital transformation. Their team of expert salesforce developers will assist you throughout your course, from data management to migration and customization of the sales cloud. Along with it, you will also come across the latest tools, services, and products of Salesforce.

13. Cetpa Infotech

cepta logo
Cetpa Infotech is considered one of the best training institutes in North India. They are offering training to their candidates under several evergreen technologies, one of which tends to be salesforce. You can find a couple of training programs on their website and choose one according to your needs. Like its competitors, it also offers 24×7 support and practicals to its candidates for better understanding and learning.

14. Online IT Guru

online it guru logo
Online IT Guru can be your go-to choice if you want to jumpstart your career in the IT sector. It is a recognized and trusted learning platform that proposes online education in salesforce, Cloud, Microsoft, etc. Choosing it will give you access to the course parallel to the practical knowledge. You can also get your query and doubts answered anytime as their team of experts is 24×7 ready to offer you support.

15. Qxpsols

Qxpsols is a famous Salesforce CRM online training institute in India. Their team of experts offers diverse solutions to their students. With the changing trends, they also alter their way of teaching to deliver quality teaching to the interested ones and help them polish their resume and build a career out of them.

16. Greens Technology

Greens technologys Logo
Prioritizing practical knowledge over theoretical makes Green Technologies different from its competitors. It’s a Chennai-based company that lets the candidates grasp real-time exposure to the latest technologies. The team of tutors in Green Technology is filled with the trainers of big Multinational companies that come with real-life exposure. It is undoubtedly the best available institute for the students who belive more in the practical part.

17. Deloitte

Deloitte logo
Deloitte has been offering salesforce services and training for the past couple of years in which they include engaging customers and employees, two critical factors for business growth. In addition, they believe in re-imagining the design and architecture of future technology and building solutions accordingly. They also leverage salesforce technology to generate leads, offer optimal customer experience to boost sales and have the upper hand on competitors.

18. TechVidya-

Techvidya Logo
One of the oldest salesforce online training institutes in India is TechVidya. It is handled by highly experienced professionals in the tech field. Here, you can access the online classes of the latest technology and global certifications of the same from some of the reputed companies in the market like – Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc. You can also seek free consultancy from experts to make the right decision regarding your career.

19. RVHTech

Top 20 salesforce training institute in India
Get your hands on RVH Technologies if you love learning and exploring the latest technologies. Here you will get exposure to the latest technologies available in the market, including salesforce. The world-class trainers with the most updated modules will be teaching you. Learning from the best in RVH Technologies, you can quickly achieve your professional goal of either getting a lucrative job or using skills in your own business for expansion.

20. India Study Channel

salesforce training fee in India
Last but not the least, you can prefer India Study Channel. Recently, it was recognized as the best educational website in India. It offers consultancy for admissions to IT training and development. The team over here is packed with individuals holding expertise in the field. You also get free consultancy and guidance from India Study Channel to help you take the right step forward in your career.

Why is Salesforce Training important in India?

Technology and digitalization together have made it possible to automate any business process. As time passes, the demand for automation also increases as it simplifies many tasks and saves a lot of time. In addition, CRM platforms like Salesforce offer personalized services to customers, which is essential for any growing business. Therefore, businesses nowadays in India are trying to get the most out of Salesforce software and expand their business. Hence, the importance of salesforce training in India will be pretty clear yet. Learning Salesforce from Best salesforce training institutes in India will not only open up new career opportunities; instead, it can be used in own start-up or business for automation.

Salesforce training fees in India

The fees of the salesforce training institutes in India depend upon various aspects like – royalty of the institute, charges of the tutor, services provided by the institute, etc. Here we have handpicked the list of salesforce training fees in India.

Salesforce Training cost in India

Name of the Institute Course Fees(RS)
NineHertz Academy 25,000-30,000
Edureka 15,000-20,000
Intellipaat 33,000-38,000
Simplilearn 16,000-20,000
Online IT Guru 15,000-18,500


The importance of the salesforce and the list of the top salesforce training institutes in India that you can choose from have been appropriately covered. However, if you still have any doubts or second thoughts about choosing the right institute, we would recommend learning from the NineHertz Academy. You will be the best only when you learn from the best. A few of the reasons behind this recommendation is

  • Flexible Schedules
  • One-on-One Doubt Clearing
  • Certification Oriented Curriculum
  • Placement Opportunities
  • Real-time Project Use Case

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for the Salesforce training institute in India?

The salesforce training fees in India depend upon the institute and its methods of teaching. Anyhow, it ranges between 20-30K mostly.

Who is eligible for Salesforce training?

There are no such eligibility criteria set for learning salesforce CRM, but the least that you should have to begin with this course is basic object-oriented programming knowledge.

Which institute is best for a Salesforce internship?

There is nothing like the best salesforce training institute in India until you are willing to learn. Anyhow, you can prefer completing your internship from NineHertz academy as you will get to work on real-time projects and learn a lot from the experts.

Is salesforce a good career?

Yes, with the increasing demand for automation in business and Salesforce is the best CRM available in the market, we can conclude that it is a good career opportunity and you should go for the best Salesforce Training Institutes in India.